Lizard Skins DSP V2 1.8mm Bar Tape - Black

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Ready for racing, the Lizard Skins DSP V2 1.8mm Bar Tape provides incredible comfort and control on your road bike adventures.[split]

Whether you're riding with your local club at the weekend or taking part in an event, this bar tape is engineered for a dependable grip. It features a polymer construction, which allows you to keep your steering under control thanks to its tacky feel and excellent handling. Measuring just 1.8mm thick, this bar tape is the thinnest available in the DSP range. Coming complete with end plugs, this road bike handlebar tape can be installed quickly and easily. One final highlight is it weighs in at only 50g, which allows you to enjoy its fantastic grip without adding any unnecessary weight to your road bike.

Durasoft polymer
Bar Ends Included
1.8mm Thickness

Mfr Claimed Weight