Wireless braking today. Meet the eeBrakefly.

It had to happen and the future is now. We got an exclusive first look at the eeBrakefly. Wireless brake technology was always the final frontier in digitising what is probably one of the oldest mechanical objects in the world. With the eeBrakefly you can laugh in the face of convention and traditionalists a like. The eeBrakefly piggy backs off the already great eeBrakes G4 but takes it up a notch by adding a servo motor hidden (for aero) paired with state of art wireless tech to provide faultless and reliable braking. Firstly the whole brake calliper is powered by a single etap battery. The battery utilised is the exact same battery as found on any etap derailleur. This provides hot swap-ability mid ride for that eventual moment when you realise you forgot to charge your batteries.

The servo motor is adapted tech from cyberdyne and utilises the same servo motors that power the fingers of a famous robot that was last heard uttering “ill be back”. In any case, the servo motor provides power way beyond what a normal human hand can generate and this ensures braking power on demand is enough to stop you faster than the latest McLaren Senna GTR. You will never ever have to worry about that mate that decides to stop abruptly at a round about even though there is no cars anywhere in sight.

The wireless tech is perhaps the most special aspect of this product. Partnering with Apple, they have been able to source a bunch of the old W1 chips from the now "old" Airpod 1. This chip provides minimal power consumption whilst ensuring a stable connection. There was talk of the engineers trying to get a bunch of the new H1 chips too but they decided “hey siri” isnt really needed. Yet.

All of the technology above come together to provide a braking experience like no other. The eeBrakefly is compatible with all etap levers with an extra modification which converts cable actuation to a digital signal thanks to the genius use of recycled PS4 controllers. 

Preorder opening soon.


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