Vittoria Corsa G2 Range Explained

With the G2 versions of the venerable Corsa tyres, comes the promise of further improvements from the wonder material that is Graphene. 

If Vittoria's research is to be believed, almost every facet of G2 is better than previous G1 iterations. From puncture resistance to rolling resistance to additional grip to even air retention.

 What we want to explain is the range of the G2 tyres. 

The range is split into 3 products. Corsa/Corsa Speed/Corsa Control. 

The Corsa is the tyre that most of us will be running. It is split right down the middle for speed vs durability. It features the 4C technology which means 4 different compounds in the tread to increase wear life/lower resistance and improve grip on the sides. It comes in black and tanwall variants so you can match the aesthetics to your bike as you see fit. The casing is a cotton casing to provide that magical supple feel that the Corsa range of tyres are known for.

The Corsa Speed is the race optimised tyre of the range. It ditches the 4C tech in favour of running the lightest casing and the thinnest tread for additional speed. However the interesting pairing with this tyre is that it is made to be tubeless ready. As we know, tubeless tyres offer an instant boost in-terms of rolling resistance and also suppleness due to the lower pressure they can run. Generally speaking, tubeless ready tyres have been offered in heavier variants. What Vittoria has done here is to offer something on the other end of the spectrum. Pairing a race carcass with the durability of tubeless tech might offer some interesting incentives for those willing to give it a go. It is also the lightest tubeless ready tyres available. So light that it would compete with even non tubeless tyres. On our scales the 25c TLR variant came in at an actual weight of 227g. This tyre is only available in black sidewalls. 

The final tyre in the range is the Corsa Control. This tyre has been optimised for durability and endurance and it is the training tyre of the range. It features an even thicker tread for further puncture resistance. This tyre is offered in black and tanwall variants as well.

For a quick reference to how each of these tyres stack up vs each other, please see graph below.

The new G2 range of tyres offers something for every cyclist whether it is aesthetics based, performance or both. 


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