As RRP's on mainstream performance bikes become higher and higher, consumers are left seeking alternative choices. We still want all the features of a tier 1 bike frame but increasingly it is harder to stomach the costs associated with building up one of these bikes. 

We intend to have this bike built up with tried and tested components and have it test ridden by a number of staff over plenty of KM's and on local terrain. Post these review rides, the bike will enter service as a demo bike for customers to try.

The framesets are known for their aerodynamic focused construction whilst retaining lightweight so it was interesting to weigh one of the heaviest paint job varients in this white RDC version. 

Part of what we do allows us to see plenty of high-end framesets and this allows us to compare both the construction of the SEKA's and also the ride quality. We have found that the unboxing and initial experience to be on par with high-end framesets we have worked with previously. The internal construction on the framesets are nice and tidy and all aspects are checking up and matching the hype. 

The frameset weighs in at 933.5g. This includes bottle cage bolts and also the standard hanger

Uncut fork comes in at 397.4g which should be approx 350-360g once cut

Handlebars weigh in at 339.8g for a 380/120 handlebar

Seatpost with no hardware comes in at a very light 127.9g


Headset bearings + bearing cover + compressor comes in at 104.9g

Thru axles weighs 64.6g for both

Computer mount with gopro puck comes in at 34.6g

There is an optional Sigeyi direct mount hanger which comes in at 15.5g

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