Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2019 Part 2

Parlee was out in force at the event with some real stunners. First the newly launched RZ7. We tried to capture just how clean this bike looked. Even to the eye, it looked balanced and almost elegant. The stem didnt look overly busy nor chunky perfectly flowing into the handlebars.


They also had this absolute stunner Z-Zero Disc painted in full custom paint. Even in low light conditions at the event, it was amazing to say the least. Further, it really shows what actually is possible with Parlee's custom paint program. If you can dream it, dare we say Parlee can make it happen. If you want to pair a lifetime frame such as a Z-Zero to a paint job you will never tire of, come and speak to us.


Of course you could also opt for a more simpler finish such as the waxed finish which will allow you to fully appreciate the workmanship that goes into every one of these frames.


This Z-Zero is a living testament that carbon can be timeless. Carbon as a material resists fatigue amazingly. This bike screams "tuned" and customised to suit the riding of the owner. 

Mark from Prova turned up with his latest creations. It is amazing how far he has come and we are interested to see where he will be in a few more years time.



Lastly, check out this titanium MTB anodised to perfection. 

Sram was there with all their newly announced products. We always knew that you could mix and match MTB components with road/cx/gravel components and it was good to see this Baum utilising a mix of Mtb and Road groupset components. 

It is always interesting to see where MTB is heading because a lot of the tech might eventually trickle through to road/gravel/cx riding. We are seeing tubeless become more popular and accepted now and obviously disc brakes but there is a lot of hints for what is possible when you look at something like the 3ZERO carbon wheels. It might not be appropriate for roadies but for cx and gravel where bikes are rigid and unsuspended, the additional spoke/wheel deformation flex will be welcome for added stability/control.


Some additional images below of what we enjoyed seeing at the show.




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