Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2019 Part 1

Over the weekend, we attended the 2019 iteration of the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia. We were dazzled by the amount of #bikeporn on display and we loved having a chat to all the vendors but mostly, we took some pictures to share it with all of you. 

Bastion is a household name in boutique bicycles now. They arrived on the market with an aim to make some of the best bicycles around whilst utilising technologies and manufacturing methods that were at the time and still now a rarity. Using a mixture of 3D printed lugs and carbon tubing allows Bastion to tailor and customise every creation uniquely. 

You can see our Carbonworks cages installed on this particular example.

There was also this new Cross Road model with a slightly different construction technique suited to its application. It is purposely built to be 1x and this example sported a beautiful fade paint scheme.

Check out the Rotor UNO groupset on this build. What do you guys think?

Partington caught our attention with their new wheelsets. In the pipeline for 5 years, they are aiming for the top with a system that i quote "is better than Lightweight". The spokes are full carbon and joined to the rim in a similar way to Lightweights. The spokes wrap around their own in house machined hubshells. Tubeless, 1150g, choice of different stiffness and depth. 

Silca was out in full force displaying their range of tools and accessories. Their pumps are pretty much heirloom items and we love the fact that you buy their stuff to keep for the rest of your life.

Woods Bicycle Co put together this stunner for the show with a collection of our parts such as the Extralite stem and Carbonworks cages. Builds like this exemplify what custom is all about. From the paint matched stem to the custom painted Dura-Ace R9100 crankset, it oozes style, class and uniqueness.

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