BAAW - Take photos of your bike that are truly "IG-worthy"

BAAW stands for "Bike Against A Wall" but don't let the name restrict you. Some of the best BAAWs we've seen have been in seriously picturesque locations.

@rodpedals shows us how its done. 

  • Pick an ideal location (often a roller door, graffiti wall or scenic background)
  • Change gears so the bike is in big chainring, smallest rear cog
  • Face the bike DS "drive-side" only (never NDS non-drive-side!)
  • Align crankarm between 3pm to 5pm
  • Align valve stems to 6pm (ensure tyres were correctly mounted with logos right above the valves)
  • Remove saddlebag, bottles and lights (if possible)
  • Assume the position and take the photo! 
  • Apply your favourite filter and upload to Instagram, Strava, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, everywhere!
  • NOTE: You might need a handy stick, bidon or ghost hand to hold your bike up
  • REMEMBER: Angles are everything! The most aesthetically pleasing angle captures the bike front on, with the right-hand side of bars partially obscuring the left hand side.
  • PRO-LEVEL: Using a Portrait mode, you can blur out the background for a bokeh effect, further highlighting the bike in the foreground. If you are handy with Photoshop, you can remove the prop or hand that's holding your bike. Now that's next level!

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