A closer look at the eeWings

By now, the eeBrakes has established itself as the cult choice of discerning cyclists everywhere. After all, who wouldn't want a product which has all the functionality of the OEM part (and more), features unique industrial good looks, whilst shaving a substantial amount of weight? eeFans can rejoice as there's a new product available that's infused with the same winning formula. 

The eeWings are a set of titanium crank arms conceived by Craig Edwards, (founder of eeBrakes) and just like the latest G4 eeBrakes, they come in a rather understated brown cardboard box. 

Upon un-boxing, you'll find the eeWings titanium cranks perfectly contrast the brown drab cardboard box. 



What strikes you straight away is the chunkiness of the crankset. It certainly feels thicker than the arms from say, Cannondale's SISL2 crankset. Which makes sense as the eeWings originally launched as a MTB product. That's excellent news for road/gravel users, as it likely means that eeWings are over-engineered for the application and very likely to stand the test of time. Cane Creek backs this up with a 10 year warranty.

The eeWings are fairly modular in terms of chainring mounting options. You can run 1x chainrings direct or adapt to 2x rings with the newly released spider. The adaptability also includes a power meter option with Stages (left only). There are also some reports of users successfully adapting SRM spiders to eeWings. The 30mm spindle ensure that it is compatible with most frames out there, with a variety of bottom bracket solutions available.

Another advantage to the eeWings is that it might solve any mis-matched componentry issues.

eeBrakes are essentially void of any brand association and as such, looks and feels great on any Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo build.

The eeWings also carries on this approach, which means you won't have issues with mis-matched cranksets, no matter what future groupset you go with. In short, eeWings will look right at home on any bike!

If you are considering an aftermarket crankset option for your next build, we believe the eeWings to be a great choice. Sure, the entry price is fairly high, but spread across multiple bikes and considering the lifespan of the crankset, it might be an investment worth making.

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