YBN SLA1110 11-Speed Ti-Nitrate Chain - Gold (Solid Plate)

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The SLA1110 has solid plate instead of the SLA110's laser cut outs – this is a cosmetic choice, there is a 3 gram weight difference between solid plate and plate cut out options.[split]

YBN's SLA110 is loaded with high tech features and shares the same materials, construction and quality as YBN's 6.4 Ti chain (with the exception of Ti rollers). In other words, the SLA110 comes standard with laser cutouts and hollow pins to reduce weight; DHA chromium hardening to increase service life (up to 8000 kilometers); and Ni-PTFE treatment to reduce friction and drivetrain noise. Add in chamfered plates for precise shifting and this chain is your link to the top step of the podium, while the stealth black finish will allow you to arrive under the radar.

Compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo 11 speed drivetrains; suitable for everyday use as well as racing; each chain includes 1 QRS master link (five times reusable) and 1 traditional connecting pin.

Gold Ti-Nitride treatment for durability
Flat-step riveting for pin strength exceeding 350kgf
Salt spray test: 500 hours
Arc guide block design for chain stability
Thin plate construction for shift accuracy
Size: 1/2" X 11/128"
Pin length: 5.5mm
Total number of links: 116

Mfr Claimed Weight
225g (106 links)