Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence Sensor Bundle

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The Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence sensors let you capture the cycling data you crave. Pair these data hungry sensors with your iPhone, Android, and bike computer to easily collect accurate speed and cadence data to help optimize your cycling training. After the ride, upload data from your phone to your favorite training platform with just the touch of a button.[split]

Capture your real-time cycling speed. Sleek design, with front wheel hub mount for speed and crank or shoe mount for cadence sensor. Universal fit for all bikes. Both ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities allow for a wireless connection to both smartphones and GPS devices. includes LED for visible connection.

ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (v4.0 or later)
Dimensions (LxWxH) - 31.75 x 19.05 x 25.4 mm
Water Rating - IPX7
Battery - CR2032 (up to 12 months life)
Wireless Signal Strength - up to 10 ft

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