Ultradynamico ROSE Robusto Gravel Tyre - 650b x 47.99mm (Black)

The ROSÉ is our first offering and the mainstay of our line.  Double it up for optimal traction offroad or pair it with our CAVA in the rear to drift the corners a bit more. 

Handles both pavement and dirt like a skilled musician handles a Stradivarius
Brevet compound for longer tread life on pavement
Robusto sidewall protection for touring and the flatphobic gravel guzzler
High TPI mystery casing under that Robusto, BTW
Robusto means you can ride CERTIFICATION free
Tubeless compatible
Continuous center tread for optimal propulsion
Aeronautically designed delta knob pattern for superior braking traction during gravel re-entry
650b x 47.99mm

Mfr Claimed Weight