Tune DC12 12x142mm Rear Thru-Axle

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The DC12 is one of the lightest thru-axles on the market.[split]

Generally the Tune DC12 Thru-Axle is compatible with most Frames and Hubs that feature a 142x12 mm rear dropout system. We offer two types of 12 mm Thru-Axles, one for the Shimano E-Thru system and one for the Syntace X12 system. We try to cover all systems and frames, but due to the number of different types we can not provide adapters for every Frame.

Axle: Aluminium CNC machined
Lever: Carbon
Thread: M12 x 1.0
Length: 142mm

Mfr Claimed Weight

Model Compatibility Head type Total length Thread length Thread pitch Weight
X12 Frame with Syntace X12 Flat 165.5 TBC M12x1.0 37g
E-Thru Frame with Shimano E-Thru Flat 165 TBC M12x1.0 37g