Tune Dahu Skin Bar Tape

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Dahu Skin, the handlebar tape from tune. Exceptional damping properties and non-slip surface. Extra thick with 3,5mm and antibacterial grip.[split]

Dahu is a mythical creature from the mountains that has adapted to the sometimes extreme conditions in the Swiss and French Alps with its adaptability.

Like a Dahu, our DahuSkin handlebar tape adapts perfectly to your handlebar.

You get excellent riding comfort and grip. The extra thick 3.5mm tape offers you exceptional damping properties and its texture gives you a non-slip surface.

This makes the handlebar tape suitable for all CX, Gravel and Roadbikes.

Black is beautiful! Dahu Skin is available in black. If you want to set color accents, this is possible with the new tune handlebar plugs.

Black polyurethane
Density 200kg/m³
Thickness 3.5mm

Mfr Claimed Weight
90g (per tape roll)

Note: Bar end plugs are not included.