Tune Bobo Headset (EC34/EC34) - CCACHE
Tune Bobo Headset (EC34/EC34) - CCACHE

Tune Bobo Headset (EC34/EC34)

What do we expect of a headset? That it works; so that you can simply forget about it being there and let it do its job. Once fitted, nobody is interested in the precision fit or what type of bearings are used. Not even the quality of the tune-specific angular-contact ball bearing interests then. No need to worry if the expander starnut mechanism named Gum Gum damages the carbon steerer: it won’t, the contact area is out of silicon. The result: reliability, install and forget.

EC34/EC34 (1-1/8")
Straight Headtube (34mm)
Straight Fork Steerer (1-1/8")

Material-Cups: Aluminium 7075
Material-Cap: Carbon
Bearing: 2 Angular contact ball bearings
Expander: Tune GumGum

Mfr Claimed Weight