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Tune Babo Headset (ZS44/EC44)

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Colour Black
Size ZS44/EC44 (1-1/8" > 1.5")

The BABO is a tapered ahead headset with an excellent load carrying capacity at a minimal weight. A long durability is the result of the new seals with ventilation and drain edges combined with 2 precision angular contact cartridge bearings. Because of the low stack height of the top half it's nearly invisible on the bike, the lowrer half has an external cup.

The name TUNE BABO describes the tapered ahead headset with a mixed construction, what means that the upper cup is integrated (usually referred to as semi integrated) while the lower cup holds the bearign externally. The S.H.I.S. denotation is ZS44/28.6 | EC44/40.

ZS44/EC44 (1-1/8" > 1.5")
Straight Headtube (44mm)
Tapered Fork Steerer (1-1/8" > 1.5")

Material-Cups: Aluminium 7075
Material-Cap: Carbon
Bearing: 2 Industrial bearings
Expander: Tune GumGum

Mfr Claimed Weight