Tubolito Tubo-BMX Lightweight Tube (20")

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Tubo-BMX can be used in 20", 22” as well as in 24” wheels. As it is ready for 1,5”-2,5” and 1 1/8" - 1 3/8" tires and so it covers a broad range of BMX tires. Available with Schrader as well as with Presta valves (78 grams and 69 grams) Tubo-BMX stands out with its low weight and great robustness. It is ready to jump to new heights and hit the park.

Low weight of Tubo-BMX will make you jump higher
50 % smaller and two times stronger than regular tubes
Designed for tire widths of 1.5 to 2.5"
Available with Schrader valves

Mfr Claimed Weight