Syntace Vector 7075 Handlebar (780mm)

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Ergonomically shaped EVA grips can save more weight than you imagine.
Finally available in aluminum - the lowriser with 31.8 mm clamping diameter that will hold all of the promises of a Syntace bar.[split]

We made it happen even though the problem was to fit seemingly technically opposite characteristics and demands into one mold: on the one side a high-strength material with a tensile strength of up to 580 N/mm² (approx. 58 kg per mm²), on the other side the necessary high amount of shaping for the transition from 22.2 to 31.8 mm bar diameter without creating the micro cracks that reduce life time.

The patented Syntace CenterRise Design in aluminum. Through CenterRise automatically get the correct bar height and superior lightness at the same time.

The Syntace Vector 31.8 7075 is not available in the easily manufactured 6° sweep, but only in the 8° and 12° sweep which provides a clearly superior and ergonomically comfortable position.

Material: Aluminum
Width: 780mm
Rise: 10mm
Bend: 8 or 12 degrees

Mfr Claimed Weight
306g (10mm rise, 8°)