SwissStop Catalyst Disc Rotor - Centrelock - CCACHE

SwissStop Catalyst Disc Rotor - Centrelock

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Size 140mm

Designed for high-performance braking, this well researched and developed brake rotor offers reliability across a range of cycling disciplines and shows superb durability, even in the harshest of conditions.

Adding strong and efficient stopping power to road and MTB riders, the Catalyst has gone through stringent lab testing to ensure it excels with longevity, thermal management, shorter stopping distances, wearability and structural integrity. The end result is a rotor which provides an impressively high-level of performance, no matter how challenging your ride gets.

Made up of two pieces - a 7075-T6 aluminium alloy spider and SUS410 stainless steel brake track - the perfect balance of structure and thermal management is met, while the geometry of the brake pad contact area significantly reduces vibrations for a smooth engagement. Equipped with wear out indicators and free from sharp, 90-degree edges, this meticulously crafted disc brake rotor from SwissStop brings an excellent braking experience, however you ride.

Accepted by the UCI for road competition - the perimeter edge of the Catalyst brake rotor does not contain any 90 degree edges
Optimun heat dissipation
Reliable performance from cyclocross to downhill
High durability, even in the toughest conditions
Wear indicators - small divots on the surface show when it is time to replace the rotor
Compatible with all sintered and organic pad compounds - optimized for SwissStop EXOTherm2

Model Thickness
140mm 1.85mm
160mm 1.80mm
180mm 1.80mm
203mm 1.85mm

Mfr Claimed Weight