Steve Hogg Heel Wedge - Single

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These heel wedges are designed by Steve. The vast majority of riders need some degree of wedging so that their feet, ankles, knees and hips align well during the pedaling action. Humans have not evolved to maintain a fixed relationship for long periods with an apparatus like a bicycle, and oftentimes help is necessary to assure
optimal alignment during the thousands of repetitions of the pedalling action.

First and foremost, Steve recommends that you use heel wedges in conjunction with arch support. Currently G8 Performance’s ARCHTECH 2620 Pro Insoles are the best off the shelf arch support option available because they come with a variety of arch module heights that allow you to customise the arch support height for each
of your feet separately. All for a fraction of the price of custom made foot beds and around the same price as heat moldable generic foot beds of questionable utility.

They are available here, and this link will explain how to determine the level of arch support you need. With arch support in place, a majority of riders will need from 0 – 3 wedges on each side with only a tiny minority needing more than this. You will need to experiment to determine the best number for you. and it may be a different number on each side. The average is a total of 3 wedges per rider in total, though individual cases vary widely. Our heel wedges are made from plastics that are free of heavy metals.

  • Our research indicates that 70% of rides need heel wedging; either alone or in combination with cleat wedges.
  • No need for non-standard length screws as is necessary with cleat wedges.
  • Multiple cleat wedges can slip; heel wedges do not.
  • If you have multiple pairs of shoes, it’s convenient to transfer your insoles with heel wedges between shoes.
  • No chance of a Material Challenge occurring.
  • Heel wedges contain no heavy metals or dyes.
  • Avoids the problems associated with using mtb cleat wedges or inshoe wedges.
  • Our heel wedges are designed to fit the heel cup of any shoe size between size 36 Euro and size 50 Euro.
  • There are cut lines on the wedge, and they can be quickly trimmed to size with scissors
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Note: Sold as a single wedge.