Squirt TyreSEAL Puncture Sealant with BeadBlock

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Squirt Cycling Products® is proud to announce the launch of Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock®, a tyre sealant for both tubed and tubeless wheels, which provides superior puncture sealing properties while boasting a long lifespan and environmentally non-hazardous formulation.[split]

Like all Squirt Cycling Products, Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® has already been extensively tested in racing conditions and Squirt Cycling Products® is confident it will enhance your cycling experience.

Ammonia Free
Longer lasting
Easier to clean
Environmentally safe, biodegradable and has minimal to zero bioaccumulation
Multi-method Sealing with latex, microfibres and BeadBlock granules
Contains corrosion inhibitors
Seals punctures from objects with a 6mm diameter (Squirt Sealant with BeadBlock®)
Will not dry out prematurely or permit tyre walls to stick together
Suitable for use from -20 °C to 40 °C