Soudal Chain Cleaner - 500ml

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The Soudal Chain Cleaner is a professional cleaner and degreaser that is perfect for removing all kinds of dirt such as oil, grease and wax from chain, cassette, and derailleurs. Proper and regular maintenance of the chain and derailleurs makes your bike more efficient and nicer to ride, as well as reducing wear and guaranteeing a longer lifespan of parts.
After spraying cleaner on the soiled chain, allow the product some time to work. A brush can be used to rub the product into the gaps in the chain. Thoroughly hose off the chain and derailleurs with plenty of water. Make sure you always re-lube the chain and gear drive with Soudal Dry, Wet weather or All weather lubricant.

Cleans and degreases
High degreasing power
Solvent based
Suitable for all surfaces, carbon, aluminium, and titanium
Handy Spray 500ml
Fast and thorough cleaning of chain, cassette, front and rear derailleur
Removes all kinds of dirt such as oil, grease, cleaning detergents and wax in a safe manner.