SlamThatStem Headset Bearing Cover (For 1-1/4")

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These bearing covers were developed by SlamThatStem back in 2012, enabling cyclists to modify the headset assembly of their bike, and thereby lowering their handlebars for aerodynamic or fit purposes. [split]

For 1-1/4" steerer size (Giant OD2/Canyon)
.09" tall "stack height" (or 2.3 mm)
1.91" outer diameter of cover (or 48.5mm)
Each cover comes with 7 micro spacers. Each is .01" tall (or .25mm)

If you do not fully understand how the cover works, please get in touch with your local bike shop to help with installation to avoid damages to your bike or headset assembly. If you have never adjusted or worked with integrated headsets before, please seek help to make sure this is done properly.

To be sure that the SlamThatStem Headset Bearing Cover is working properly, you should be able to pass a piece of paper between the gap of your Bearing Cover and your headtube. If you cannot do this and they are making contact, you need a micro shim or two. If you tighten the headset down without the proper micro spacers, the Bearing Cover and the bike can get damaged. SlamThatStem is not responsible for damages incurred to the bicycle, bearing cover or user as result of improper installation. Remember, if something on your bike feels wrong, it is wrong, and you should stop riding it and bring it into a shop to be looked at!