Skingrowsback Overnighter Handlebar Bag 6 Litre - Black
Skingrowsback Overnighter Handlebar Bag 6 Litre - Black

Skingrowsback Overnighter Handlebar Bag 6 Litre - Black

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The Overnighter Handlebar Bag as the name suggests is a Cradle and Dry Bag combination engineered for carrying tents and other camping equipment on the front of your bike.

The Dry Bag is constructed from weather proof XPAC VX21. The 6.1 litre chamber has a roll top closure at each end allowing easy and convenient access to your contents.

Securing the Dry Bag to the handlebars is the Cradle component. An outer shell of 1000D Nylon covers the Polypropylene base, this provides a firm and compliant housing for the Dry Bag. Access to the Cradle is located at the rear leaving the front shielded from spray from the front tyre.

The Cradle straps run the full circumference of the bag offering additional carrying opportunities. Closed finger loops on these straps make it easier to tension.

The Overnighter is fitted with shock cord stabilisers to lock the Dry Bag in place and reduce any lateral movement, a head tube mount adds to this.

Handlebar mounts are secured with a tension lock system. These straps are threaded onto our BLOC Spacers bringing the bag away from the bars slightly and offering more options for your thumb position.

A shock cord assembly across the top is suitable for holding lightweight footwear or a jacket.

0.6mm Polypropylene Main Wall.
XPAC VX21 Dry Bag with dual side opening.
Shock Cord side stabilisers.
Top Panel Shock Cord Assembly.
Low profile Nylon Handlebar Mounts with Step Lock fastener.
1 pair of 15mm BLOC Handlebar Bag Spacers.
Shock Cord Head Tube mount with BLOC Spacer.
Dimensions: 380mm width x 150mm diameter
Volume: 6.1 Litres

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