ROTOR Qarbon Q Ring Oval Outer Chainring - Shimano - CCACHE
ROTOR Qarbon Q Ring Oval Outer Chainring - Shimano - CCACHE

ROTOR Qarbon Q Ring Oval Outer Chainring - Shimano

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Size 50t

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Compatible with 9000, 6800 and 5800
Not Compatible with R9100/R8000/R7000 (new series)

In addition to a lighter, stiffer chainring, there was one more important factor when designing Qarbon Q rings: compatibility. No need to swap out your Shimano cranks to accommodate our Qarbon Q rings, ROTOR has crafted Q rings Qarbon Shimano 110x4 just for you. Choose from 3 Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP) to fine-tune your improved riding experience and go farther and faster with less fatigue.

With Q rings you can ride further and faster with less fatigue because you are using your muscles more efficiently. Thanks to their oval shape, Q rings boost cycling performance by varying drivetrain resistance during pedaling inline with the legs' natural strengths and weaknesses. By orienting the narrowing diameter of the oval to the weakest point of the pedal stroke and the widening diameter to the strongest point of the pedal stroke, you can take full advantage of the most-productive part of your pedal rotation (while lessening time spent in the least-productive part).

To upgrade from round rings, we recommend choosing Q rings with the same tooth count. For example, if you currently ride a 52t noQ , then we recommend a 52t Q ring.

100% CNC-machined, 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
Reinforced 3k woven, high-modulus carbon fiber finish
Aero design: reinforced rigidity and aerodynamics that increase stiffness by 20%
Steel shifting pins
3 OCP points (4 points in 50/34)

Mfr Claimed Weight
129g (52t)

Note: Sold as a single chainring only. Choose an outer and inner ring for a complete set.