Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner

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Clean your entire drivetrain in seconds with our fast and effective biodegradable formula. Spray straight onto your drivetrain to get rid of grime, dirt and oil. This biodegradable formula works like nothing else to freshen up any chain or cassette.[split]

The Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner is the complete drivetrain cleaning solution that can either be poured into a chain cleaning device or sprayed directly to your chain rings, rear cassettes and derailleurs to clean your entire drivetrain within seconds. It’s also fully biodegradable* and safe for metal, plastic, rubber and seals. You have never seen results like this. We can guarantee it! Why not try using Bio Drivetrain Cleaner with the Muc-Off X-3 Dirty Chain Machine to provide the deepest clean on even the dirtiest chains!

Shake bottle vigorously
Spray all over the drive chain including cassette, chainrings, chain and derailleurs
Leave for up to 1 minute and agitate with a brush if required. (If you are using with a chain cleaning device, unscrew the trigger sprayer and fill the device with the formula)
After agitation thoroughly rinse off with water making sure all of the formula has been removed
Now apply Bike Protect to disperse moisture before applying a chain lube