MCFK Padded Carbon Saddle

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From now on we supply our seats also with a hard-wearing leather cover and comfortable pad. The weight is not more than 101 grams with full cover! The basis of the extraordinary comfortable seat besides the pad is the enormous stability and very flexible seat cover. We apply our approved carbon saddle in three different widths as a basal.

The cover is handcrafted in a lavish process. The dynamic design gets replenished with additional carbon leather. The Padding is made out of a synthetical knitted fabric which implicates a long lifetime.

The saddle rails have a highly oval shape and gain extra stability due to the special fiber orientation and reinforcements and resist any potholes and bumps on or off-road.

Unlike the seat with base, the traditional stay construction of our carbon seats allows the fixing of seat bags. Both the saddle and the cover are 100% made in Germany!

Material: Carbon Prepreg
Logo: decal (easily removable)
Leather color: black
Range of use: Road, MTB, Gravel
Length: 260mm
Width: 130mm, 135mm, 140mm
Rails: 7x9 mm
Range of adjustment: 80 mm
Made in Germany

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight
from 99g