Lightweight Pfadfinder Evo Disc Brake Gravel Wheelset - Schwarz Edition

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*** Schwarz Edition features blacked out logos and factory installed CeramicSpeed bearings ***

Time for your off-road adventure with your gravel bike
In order to maintain control on gravel, you need a bike that supports you with every move. That’s exactly what Lightweight developed PFADFINDER EVO for, the new disc gravel bike made from full carbon. The extended tire width of up to 40 mm, combined with an optimised layup, not only makes for increased precision but also significantly improves riding comfort. Thanks to the Pentagon hub and the associated braking precision, even longer descents will be significantly more comfortable and power saving. Of course, PFADFINDER EVO is compatible with current groupsets and enables changes to various axle systems without tools, thanks to the DT-Swiss hub.

Unique riding comfort on gravel
PFADFINDER EVO is based on the technologies and characteristics of the WEGWEISER EVO. Because it can now be equipped with tire width of up to 40 mm, it is now even better suited for gravel. The optimized layup maintains the familiar precision and performance, but in combination with wider tires, the riding comfort increases significantly. Thanks to state of the art high-modulus CFRP fibers, PFADFINDER EVO impresses with unparalleled braking precision.

The features of PFADFINDER EVO at a glance:

  • Gravel disc wheelset
  • Extended tire width of up to 40mm make for increased riding comfort on gravel bikes
  • Optimised layup for significantly increased robustness
  • Use of special high-modulus CFRP fibers
  • Tubeless technology
  • Outstanding stiffness to weight ratio
  • Manufactured with extreme precision and small tolerances
  • Low sensitivity to side winds
  • Precise braking performance despite high temperatures, thanks to Pentagon hub
  • Unique rolling characteristics
  • Compatible with all current groupsets (Campa, SRAM, Shimano, etc.)
  • Perfectly suitable for gravel, all-round, training, competition and endurance
  • Available in Standard and Schwarz Ed

Braking system: Disc.
Rim type: Tubeless.
Number of spokes: 20/20.
Rear axle: 12/142.
Front axle: 12/100.
Rim depth: 36 mm
Rim outer width: 24 mm
Inner rim width: 18.2 mm.
Tyre width: 23-40 mm.
Maximum system weight: 120 kg.
Rear hub: DT Swiss 240s.
Front hub: Lightweight Pentagon.

Max Rider Weight + Luggage

Mfr Claimed Weight