JRC Orimono Premium Bar Tape - Pink

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One of Three touch points on your bike and more often the most overlooked.
Our Orimono Premium Handlebar Tape is produced from high quality polyurethane (PU) to provide a soft touch and grippy surface in all riding conditions.

8 tessellating colour designs - 3 pantone shades for that perfect colour match!
2200mm rolls
96 grams including the expander plugs

2x Rolls of 2200mm Handlebar Tape w/ colour print
2x Expander Handlebar End Plugs with JRC Mountain logo print
2x Tape Off-Cuts*
2x Strips of Bar Finishing Tape*
*Please note above two items are wrapped up in the tape rather than thrown into the box loosely to ensure the material is pre-shaped for wrapping*

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