Fingerscrossed x Shut Up Legs Socks - White

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Words by Jens Voight (former professional cyclist)

“Who can say that he did 20 kilometers in the Tour de France on a children’s bike? Who can say he was flown off by helicopter [after a bad crash] and came back 12 weeks later for the next race? Who has six children (yes, SIX)?

Indeed my career was a roller coaster ride in many ways. But I enjoyed and loved every moment of it. Especially off the front, alone in the wind, suffering like there was no tomorrow. These were the moments when I said to myself a thousand times: “SHUT UP LEGS, please shut up and do what I tell you!”

I didn’t know back then that this would be the origination of a special phrase that would be used all over the world. You guys out there turned it into a slogan that would inspire others or yourself, by painting it on the roads, shouting it out loud to yourself or the the passing peloton or by tattooing (!!) it onto your bodies!



FINGERSCROSSED socks do not compromise in design and performance. The parts of heel and toes offer a triple strengthening to grant comfort and long durability. By using PROLEN®YARN we offer the best features for cycling socks. 

High compression throughout the entire sock leads to improved circulation, stabilization and regeneration. Due to the strong compression the socks sit very tight at the beginning, but after a while they adapt to the foot. The branded FINGERSCROSSED rivet on the left sock is nickel free.

Material: 93% Prolen 7% Elastane
50% lighter than cotton
Abrasion resistance is 2.5x higher than wool or cotton
The best thermoregulation of all types of fibres