Feedback Sports Range Torque Ratchet Combo Tool

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The Feedback Sports RANGE gives you the precision of a flex-bar torque wrench and 2-way ratchet in a single tool, and adds a modern take on the housing. This innovative, ultra-compact bar style torque ratchet allows you to easily and precisely install, adjust or remove components.[split]

The signature Feedback Sports Red Anodized Aluminum body is lightweight and strong and can be used just as you would any 2-way ratchet. When you need a specific torque function, simply apply pressure to the Torque Knob at the end of the wrench and activate the Nm dial until you reach the desired torque in the clearly marked display. Ranging from 2Nm-10Nm.

The Range includes 14 commonly used Hex, Torx & Phillips bits, including 2 extended bits to comply with some modern bike features. Made of premium S2 steel (for superior durability) the bits are stamped with their size and housed in a slim, protective case. The labeled molded foam inserts ensures convenient bit removal and replacement for increased organization. Once zipped up, the entire case fits in the palm of your hand or back pocket, but feels just at home being tossed in a bag, or the back of a car for your next adventure.

14 Included S2 steel bits: #2 Phillips, T10 Torx, T20 Torx, T25 Torx, T30 Torx, 2mm Hex, 2.5mm Hex, 3mm Hex, 4mm Hex, 5mm Hex, 6mm Hex, 8mm Hex, Extended 5mm Hex, Extended T25 Torx
Ultra-compact PU Leather coated case with molded foam inserts
Easy to recalibrate/set back to “0”
Range: 2Nm to 10Nm
Wrench Dimensions: 5.25” x 1” x .75”
Wrench Body: Aluminum / Steel / Nylon

Mfr Claimed Weight
75g (tool only)