ENVE M630 Trail 29" MTB Carbon Wheelset (i9 Hydra Hubs)

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The definitive mountain wheel. The M6 Series defines the modern, and varied interpretation of the mountain bike. Loaded with traction and acceleration on the climb it’s also backed with precision and control while absorbing vibrations and impacts on the descent. The M6 Series is designed in 2 diameters and 3 widths to ensure your sophisticated preference for tire size and pressure is met with an uncompromising tire to rim interface.[split]

For the mountain biker who wonders what is possible, the skeptic afraid of ‘plastic’ wheels, the weight weenie, the Clydesdale, the high mileage guy, the weekend warrior. It would be easier to describe who it is not for…

ENVE showed the world that a mountain bike wheel could be carbon – we’re still immensely proud of that achievement. A mountain bike wheel, however, can be so much more. The M6 Series is not about technical challenges, and we refuse to chase specifications in order to be the widest, tallest, or stiffest. For the M6 Series of wheels, the question was not about carbon, rather, “What is the potential of a mountain bike wheel?”

Each M6 Series wheel model is designed for the broad range of tire widths, hub configurations, and sizes so that – you – the modern trail rider, can choose between them.

Rim Depth: 26.5mm
External Width: 38.5mm
Internal Width: 30mm
Hole Count: 28/28
Rim Diameter: 29" 605mm
Recommended Tire Size: 2.3 in - 2.5 in
Centrelock Rotor Compatible
Boost 110/148mm Spacing

Mfr Claimed Weight