Effetto Mariposa Replacement Plugs for Tappabuco Tool

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Tyre plugs have become a standard way of fixing bigger punctures in tubeless tyres. With “Tappabuco” (Italian for stopgap or literally hole plugger) Effetto Mariposa wants to offer a practical solution for road and off-road riding, easy to carry and fast to use.[split]

Tyre plug tools have to be easily reached in case of puncture but – because of their sharp shape – they should be stored in a safe way. Tappabuco solves this, as it’s designed to work as end-plug for road and mountain bike handlebars, and it can be carried inside most Shimano and SRAM bottom brackets too (it will fit holes with inner diameter between 15 and 20 mm). Keeping the rubber tyre plug already in the Tappabuco fork ensures fast puncture repairing of tubeless tyres.

IMPORTANT: depending on the internal surface of the handlebar, it could be easier or more difficult to remove Tappabuco. Try extracting Tappabuco after inserting it into your handlebar: if it’s too difficult, lubricate the handlebar so that you can remove the tool and repair punctures quickly. Replacement plugs can be kept on Tappabuco, leaving them as 5 pcs card and inserting the fork between two plugs. Tappabuco Plug replacements are sold as convenient packs of 25 pieces.

Tappabuco is available in two versions:
Tappabuco 1.5: optimized for tyre plugs 1.5 mm of section, 50 mm length
Tappabuco 3.5: optimized for tyre plugs 3.5 mm of section, 50 mm length

While the bigger, more common 3,5 mm plug is great for bigger punctures on mtb tyres, several times a 1,5 mm plug is enough for smaller damages or road/gravel tyres: having both available is simply better. The somehow bad reputation of 1,5 mm plugs, unable to fix punctures, is due to the common mistake of using these small plugs with big forks… opening the hole more than size of the plug. The tiny, dedicated fork of Tappabuco 1,5 prevents this occurrence.Tappabuco is made of high density silicone with a stainless steel fork, for maximum durability and adaptability. Weight is just 13 g for Tappabuco 3,5 and 11 g for Tappabuco 1,5.

Note: Sold as a single kit, choose variant from drop-down