Effetto Mariposa Carogna Tubular Tape

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As tubular lover ourselves, we started developing Carogna (pronounced “car-own-ya”) double sided adhesive tape with a clear and ambitious goal: to match the gluing performance and heat-resistance of the best mastics, while retaining all the advantages of tapes.[split]

In addition to this, we looked seriously into cyclocross (read the specific how-to guide here) and off-road riding in general (mountain-bike, gravel), where specific features are needed from the tubular gluing standpoint.

Carogna is designed and has been tested to perform flawlessly on any rim material (aluminum, carbon), with any tubular (seamless, handmade, vulcanized sew-ups; with flat of raised-center-seam base tape), on and off-road.
Adhesion is very strong and uniform across the whole circumference of the rim for all tubulars and it is also uniform across the tubular base tape. 
One short-coming of other gluing techniques is the limited adhesion at the edges of the base tape, or in the center, depending on the shape of the tubular and of the rim. Carogna solves this problem with specific adhesive properties on rim and tubular side.

Carogna tape has two application-specific type of glues:

Semi-structural but removable on the rim-side:
adhesion is guaranteed by industrial-grade acrylic glue. When removing the tubular (breaking its bond with the rim), the acrylic glue will stay on Carogna tape, not on the rim. Acrylic glue has a reliable adhesion on both aluminum and carbon.

Permanent on the tubular side:
1 mm-thick layer of high-viscosity, permanent glue (originally issued for underwater applications) will plastically deform and adapt to the tubular base tape shape when the tubular is inflated, ensuring an optimal contact surface for gluing. This glue adheres well to any kind of base tape material (nylon, cotton, poly-cotton) or external finishing (raw, brushed, or coated by neoprene).

“SM” (20 mm wide) for common tubular rims (width of the gluing channel between 18 and 22 mm)
“M” (25 mm wide) for some aero or cyclocross tubular rims (width of the gluing channel between 22 and 26 mm)
Rolls are 2m (enough for one-wheel)
Made in Italy

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