Continental Race 28 Light Tube (Unboxed)

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The popular Race28 Light tube is now available without packaging to save on costs. Ideal for dropping some rotational weight.[split]

With our ContiTube program, you can find the inner tube most suited to your needs quickly and directly. Depending on your tyre dimensions and purpose, Continental have different sizes, types and widths to offer. All tubes are made of a high quality butyl mixture.

Light tubes offer perceptible optimization of weight and rolling resistance with a slightly enhanced risk of puncturing due to thinner walls (up to 0.45 mm). Light tubes generally require more frequent re-inflating.

High quality butyl
Reduce weight and rolling resistance
Removable presta valve core
Available in 42mm, 60mm and 80mm valve lengths

Sold as a single inner tube

Mfr Claimed Weight
75g (60mm)