CCACHE Garmin Varia GoPro Saddle Mount

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We've sourced these custom 3D-printed mounts from around the world. Made from premium versatile plastic, these mounts are both lightweight and durable. Available in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit your custom mounting needs. [split]

This product pairs perfectly with the CCACHE GoPro Saddle Mount. The two items together allow you to mount your Garmin Varia rear smart light underneath your saddle.

​The Garmin Varia mount can be attached in two orientations and then pivoted to enable you to get the position of your device just right. The GoPro Saddle Mount can also be turned upside down to give a further two positions. Maximum flexibility and versatility.

Simply attach to your saddle rails
Garmin Varia mount with GoPro interface
Works perfectly with the GoPro Saddle Mount
Garmin quarter-turn mount rotated 90 degrees to suit Varia smart light

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