Cane Creek Hellbender Replacement Bearings

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Burrowed deep in the streams and rivers of the Appalachian mountains, the Hellbender Salamander is a rare creature that thrives in the mud and water. Like their namesake, these bearing are built to live in the most extreme conditions, keeping you riding smoothly through rain, mud, grit or whatever the road and trail throws at you. Using stainless steel bearings with increased sealing elements and more grease in relation to the comparable 110 bearing, the Hellbender is the only way to make your Cane Creek headset even better.[split]

While the Hellbender currently comes standard in the SlamSet headset, all headsets in our product line were meticulously designed to have interchangeable parts, making these bearing cross-compatible with all assemblies.

Precision engineered by Cane Creek in Fletcher, NC.

Material: Stainless Steel
Sold as a single cartridge bearing

Mfr Claimed Weight
20g (IS41)