Alba Optics "Delta Ultra" - Org (VZUM Alu Lens)

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Level Up. From below sea level to the top of the mountain – the ULTRA racer covers ground and gravel of all terrains. An endless trail that offers the greatest reward.

Delta Ultra is an experimental vision. The goal: to take the classic model and modify it where possible catering to outdoor activities and 360° panoramic views. The U-LENS has a new shape, 10% smaller than the traditional A-LENS and two brand new rubber logo buttons at the ends. Don’t ask yourself what they are for. They are just beautiful.

The material of the frames is Tr90, made from nylon and carbon fiber, organically compatible and safe to the skin, even after a prolonged use. It is 20% lighter that other conventional materials and it offers more protection against crashes and tractions. It provides a high resilience without deformation when exposed to high temperatures, after being bent, it reverts to its original shape.

The glasses wearability allows a perfect vision when shifting your eyes from the pedals to the road. This particular aspect enables the athlete to stay focused on his performance without interferences. The temples are strong and guarantee to stay put even in case of shocks or sudden head movements.

VZUM™ MR ALU - Optimises your visual performance by maintaining true colours with good overall protection. Increases the contrast by 6%. Mirror coating.
CAT 3 | VT 16%


Ventilated VZUM™ lens
Interchangeable VZUM™ lens
UV400 protection
Lighter Tr90 frame
Handmade in Italy

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