Question: What is a Weight Weenie?

Answer: A "weight weenie" is a person who has a unhealthy healthy obsession with verifying the exact weight of each component of their bike build. Their ultimate aim is to reduce overall weight whilst retaining performance, thus improving their power-to-weight ratio. This obsession hobby can drive a person to replace each and every part of their bike with exotic lightweight components (like the stuff we sell on CCACHE!)

At our core, we're weight weenies too. But we know that with the tantalizing temptation of uber lightweight parts, also comes the potential compromise to durability. 

We scoured the globe, seeking out artisans at the top of their game. The curated range of products we've presented are light, yet strong, without sacrificing usability or durability. So you can have the peace of mind, that the products we carry on our webstore have been tried and tested by hundreds and thousands of passionate cyclists around the world already.

Please do follow the advised max rider weight limits (where applicable) and keep in mind these include "luggage" ie: the items you carry on your persons whilst riding (clothing, helmet, snacks, hydration, phone etc).

We also strongly recommend that all parts be installed by a certified bike mechanic or professional, following the precise torque settings as advised in each product's manual. Failure to comply can result in permanent damage to your bike parts and/or injury to the rider. Any products deemed to be installed incorrectly will *not* be covered under warranty by the manufacturer or by CCACHE.

Treat these parts with respect and care, and in return you'll shed plenty of unwanted grams from your bike.

Time to take it to the next level.