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We are not a typical bike shop - this is why we created CCACHE. Our vision is to source, curate and supply. We collaborate with brands locally and globally to provide a unique range of products that are rarely accessible at a single destination. We meet and serve customers from all walks of life, who collectively share a passion and love for cycling. We care not just about the products we offer, but what they can enable and facilitate in the pursuit of this beautiful experience.


This might be cliched but to be able to work together, we need to get to know you. As such, a conversation is always important. Whether face to face instore or over email, communication goes a long way. Dependent on your riding and focus we will be able to form a picture of what you need and what best suits you. We love nerding out about the smallest details so expect a long conversation!


We believe in transparency. This is why you will be able to see all the pricing on the bikes we sell on our site with a quick glance. There is no “enquire within”. Sure, we have some expensive bikes but we also have great bang for buck bikes which are still rad. We find it just as fun to spec out bikes of all different pricing tiers and we would ride all of them just the same. In fact we do.


We believe in putting our customers on bicycles that will stay with them for a very long time. There is something beautiful about growing old with something. We find that when you plan a build from inception, you quickly become attached to it and have a tendency to keep it for much longer. This is what building custom means. When you talk to us about building something, there are so many levels of customisation and options available that the only limitation is your imagination (and your budget). All of these custom options means creating something that only you have, for you, by you.


Maybe. If you have a timeline, you will be surprised by what we can deliver within a certain timeframe. Sure there might be frames/bikes that will take 3-6 month to deliver (if not more) but there are also many offerings we can provide that is deliverable within a week. In any case, we form great relationship with our vendors so we can get you updates constantly to keep you updated during the build process.