Top 5 "Essential" Upgrades for your Road Bike

When it comes to upgrading your road bike, there are numerous options to consider depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here are five essential upgrades that can enhance your road bike's performance and riding experience:

  • Carbon Wheelset: Upgrading your bike's wheelset can significantly improve its performance. Look for lightweight and aerodynamic wheels with quality hubs and spokes. Carbon fiber rims can provide better acceleration, responsiveness, and stability. The best all-rounder depth seems to be 45mm and for those looking more aero benefit, we'd recommend closer to 60mm. Click here to shop our wheelsets
  • High-Performance Tubeless Tyres: Opting for high-performance tires can enhance your bike's grip, handling, and overall ride quality. Look for models with lower rolling resistance and puncture protection. Road tubeless tires eliminate the need for inner tubes by creating an airtight seal between the tire and the rim, allowing you to run lower tire pressures without the risk of pinch flats. Click here to shop our tyres
  • Electronic Groupset: Consider upgrading your bike's groupset, which includes the gears, derailleurs, shifters, and brakes. A higher-end electronic groupset can provide smoother shifting, lighter weight, and improved overall performance. Market conditions have changed since the pandemic, so we're starting to see regular stock of SRAM AXS and Shimano Di2 groupset parts back in stock now. Click here to shop our drivetrain parts
  • Carbon Fiber Cockpit: Replacing certain parts with carbon fiber counterparts can reduce weight and increase stiffness, resulting in improved power transfer and responsiveness. Consider upgrading your handlebars, seat post, or stem to carbon fiber versions for a noticeable difference in ride quality. Click here to shop our cockpit parts
  • Aftermarket Saddle: Just because your bike came with a saddle doesn't mean you're stuck with it. A replacement saddle can make a significant difference in your riding comfort, especially during long rides. Invest in a saddle that suits your anatomy and riding style. Many brands offer saddles with various shapes, cutouts, and padding levels to accommodate body shapes and rider preferences. There's even 3D printed saddles that offer tuned levels of firmness/softness where it counts. Click here to shop our saddles

Remember, before making any upgrades, it's essential to ensure compatibility with your bike's frame and components. Consider consulting with us at CCACHE to guide you through the upgrade process and help you choose the most suitable options for your road bike.

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