The ultimate bike collection?

Speedvagen, Argonaut, Mosaic, Festka, Cherubim, Pegoretti, Time, Colnago, English, Field cycles, Trek, Pinarello, Factor one, Stinner, Baum, Wilier

For Ben, the ultimate bike collection is an ever rotating roster that see's him plan/build/experience and cull.

The experiences which he has gained from this endless process is what made CCACHE reach out to him in urgency to have a more in-depth chat. We wanted to find out what it was like to ride and build each of these incredible machines and what he liked about each one.

If you are like us and have one of these brands on your shortlist of next bike to purchase, you will find Ben's words likely the only source of experience on how they compare to each other.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full feature coming soon!


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