Most publications and reviewers are not talking about these points of differences on the new Giant TCR

As the smoke settles on the new TCR launch, we have ordered our first batch of the new TCR's which should be turning up any day now. As bike geeks though we have studied the spec sheet and looked at various models and have had some further musings which we are keen to share that most reviewers did not mention or skimped over online.

  • Giant completes are really well rounded packages that often includes both an out-front stem mount and also bottle cages (not all models). Further saving you some additional $ to the value of approx $100-200. 
  • The new TCR updates whilst mostly subtle and conventional features component choices that are welcomingly progressive. Take for instance the flared handlebars. Inspect carefully and you will find that most models except for the cheaper ones feature the new Contact SLR/SL handlebars with up to 11* of flare. This is similar to the style and flare of the ENVE AR handlebars which we like a lot. More aero in the hoods and more control in the drops with a more ergonomic reach. We do not know any manufactures speccing these style of handlebars on bikes except ENVE which is not a mainstream manufacture.
  • The TCR isn't positioned as higher end than the propel but it definitely has a wider price-point of models vs the propel (in Australian market). This means that it is a great choice for the entry cyclist not wanting a more endurance orientated geo.
  • The price points are amazing and one of the very few instances where Australian price seem comparatively a steal. For example the top model Advanced SL 0 costs $12500 USD. In today's FX, that is approx $19200 AUD. It is retailing here for $13799. 
  • Unlike the previous TCR Advanced base model which utilised a hybrid 1 1/8" metal/carbon fork which was quite the downgrade, the new TCR Advanced base model actually feature a full carbon fork just slightly heavier than the Pro model. The frame is the same as the Pro model. This means that the Advanced base model is now a helluva value proposition for beginners or more experienced cyclists alike with a serious upgrade potential.
  • Just like the old TCR, extra value provided by Giant includes multiple different offset seatmast on the ISP equipped SL models or by utilising a flip cradle on the conventional seatpost models, you are able to achieve adjustments of either -5 or 15 degree offset. Certain other manufactures will force you to buy a seperate seatpost to get this same degree of flexbility.

Shop the new Giant TCR 2025 range here.

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