CCACHE x PARKUP : UCI Track Trade Team

As the track cycling world descends on Adelaide for round 1 of the Tissot Nations Cup, CCACHE x Par Küp is pleased to announce its registration as a UCI Track Trade Team for season 2024 and beyond. With Brisbane set to host the 2032 Olympic Games, the team has aligned its long-term growth and development toward preparing athletes for participation in the games.

The track program, which will run concurrently with the Continental road cycling team, will initially focus on providing additional competition opportunities for its athletes in 2024 as they prepare for the Paris Olympics in August. The registration of the team also means the acquisition of UCI points, which are awarded at certain events. Earning enough points this season will allow in the team to qualify and compete at UCI Nations Cups from 2025.

Other long-term goals will include a junior talent ID and development program, additional training opportunities, access to cutting-edge equipment, facilities, psychology and technology for athletes. As well as providing opportunities to new coaches, mechanics & handlers to attend some of the biggest events in the world.

“It’s very exciting to see our program grow to incorporate a track team officially for 2024. We’ve been long-term supporters of track endurance athletes via our road team over the years, so to now register, it will allow us to compete like many other countries do with Track Trade Teams at UCI level. Our team profile will also bring additional coverage to track racing both here and abroad.” CCACHE x Par Küp General Manager Sam Layzell said of the new Track Trade Team.

The teams first official event will be the Japan Track Cycling Cup in May, but riders will compete prior at the Oceania Track Championships in New Zealand in February, and the Australian National Track Championships in Brisbane (March).

CCACHE x Par Küp Track Trade Team 2024:

  • John Carter
  • Joshua Duffy
  • Dylan Eather
  • Kurt Eather
  • Graeme Frislie
  • Conor Leahy
  • James Moriarty
  • Ryan Schilt


  • Samuel Layzell
  • Craig Chapman
  • Anthony Peden

For all cycling team enquiries please contact:

Photo Credit: Morgan Ho 

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