Bike Showcase - Jorden's DeRosa King

Many of us churn through bikes like underwear. However, Jorden is not like most of us. He has had his KING for multitude of years and when asked "don't you want to try something else?", he nonchalantly answers with "i think this is still a good bike!". 

Who are we to tell him otherwise? There is something beautiful with building a bond between man and machine that can only come from many hours in the saddle. You know every facet of the bike you are riding and you exploit it's strength and work around the compromises. 

No bike is ever perfect like any relationship. Through many hours in the saddle, one can form a bond that can overcome any negatives.

Still, components do wear and Jorden came to us with the aim of refreshing his bike and spoiling it a little to show his gratitude. 

He started with a set of Carbonworks Cages but soon was hooked and upgraded his cockpit setup to full MCFK and also opted for the Direct mount eeBrakes.

Apart from shedding weight and still functioning perfectly as his daily and only whip, the bike now looks a reflection of it's owner. An avid cyclist with a penchant for details and not the norm.

Jorden, as much as we would love to see you on a new whip, we do admire your persistence and love with your KING. Here's to hoping you will keep the bike forever as we are sure memories built together with your trusted steed cannot be easily forgotten or replicated.

You can see more of this bike and Jorden on his Instagram @surgiooo

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