Selle SMP VT30C Saddle - Black

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The innovative Selle SMP ergonomic design gets a stylish look. The new matt black Velvet Touch cover and the Matt Look tube rail add a cool touch to this saddle.

Ideal for road and off-road riding, the VT30C is Designed on Your Body, leaving you with all the freedom of movement you need. 

For cyclists with medium-wide pelvises (sit bones width: from 11,6 to 15 cm).

Selle SMP has many different models, but with a single ergonomic concept.

The large central channel does not create compression in the perineal and prostate areas - meaning no genital numbness and tingling, nerve and vascular structure protection, full blood flow, higher muscular fluidity and power and greater genital area ventilation.

The famous "Eagle Beak" tip allows for greater comfort in low positions, maximum freedom to shift the body forward towards the tip of the saddle and does not create  genital compression.

Sit bones width: from 11,6 to 15,0 cm
Pants size: M, L, XL, XXL
Use: MTB, Road, Triathlon, Gravel / Cyclocross, Time Trial / Track, Commuter / Fixed
Type of bicycle: Traditional, E-bike
Padding level: Intermediate
Width: 155 mm - Length: 255 mm
Padding: SSPU
Cover: SVT Velvet Touch
Body: Carbon reinforced nylon 12
AISI 304 rail: AISI 304 stainless steel tube Ø 7.1 mm
Color: black

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