Runwell IZA 45 - Portable Wrench Tool

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Inspired by the appearance of a pen hooked in a chest pocket, it is a portable tool that realizes a tool shape that does not look like a tool from the desire to give the tool a similar style of portability.[split]

Equipped with a hex wrench that tightens and loosens 4mm and 5mm bolts that are often used around the top cap, stem and seatpost. If you hook it on the belt loop of your trousers or the loop of your bag, you can immediately respond to bolts that should come loose while driving. The total length of 90mm is between 4 and 5mm, which is the size called the short type of hexagon wrench. 

Actually, this short type is the "standard size" in the JIS standard. Long wrenches, which are often found in the bicycle industry, can be turned with less torque, but be aware that excessive force can damage parts. IZA45 can also apply enough torque to tighten 4mm and 5mm bolts. The name is "IZA", which was taken from "Iza Departure!" With the idea that I want you to get it before you go out.

Item: Portable hex wrench 4/5 mm
Material: Steel
Full length: 90mm

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