Runwell DRIP 15 - Portable 15mm Wrench Tool

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The world's smallest 15mm single wrench that you can put in your pocket and go out for a run. [split]

Since the hub nut can be tightened and loosened, it is a portable tool that can be used for tire replacement due to a flat tire while driving, front wheel attachment / detachment to avoid theft, and tire attachment / detachment during wheeling. 

Although the overall length is shorter for portable use, like the AQUALIA15, the handle shape that is easy to push with the palm is molded by hot forging, so if you tighten it with force, you can apply torque that will not hinder running. can do. Tighten the rear hub nut especially tightly. 

Item: 15mm single wrench
Material: Chrome vanadium steel
Full length: 125mm

Mfr Claimed Weight