Runwell AQUALIA 15mm Wrench Tool

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A tool for tightening and loosening a 15 mm hub nut. The best feature is the simple design with only the handle on the other side of the 15mm single wrench. And it is a grip shape that is forged and polished into a shape that fits in the hand and is easy to grip and apply torque. [split]

Since the rear nut is tightened with a particularly strong torque, many people will feel pain when the thin side hits the palm using conventional tools. The grip shape of AQUALIA15 is forged with a wide surface on the palm. The mirror-finished tool skin, which is hand-polished by craftsmen one by one, gives a gentle texture to the user's palm and reduces the work load. The total length is 170mm, which is between portable and torque-oriented. The 15 ° angled grip has a 15 ° angle to prevent your fingers from getting caught between the fork leg and the tool during use.

Material: Chrome vanadium
Full length: 170mm
Processing: Hot forging
Finish: Chrome plating

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