PAUL Flat Mount Klamper Disc Brake Caliper

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It took 3 years of in-house development before the Klamper met all of our extremely high goals. We wanted absolute reliability, easy adjustability, and field serviceability. We wanted super strong stopping power but without hydraulic fluid and fussy bleed kits. After countless drawing revisions, fine tuning of piston design and bearing ramp profiles, and probably 20 prototypes, we nailed it, and the Klamper has quickly become a cult classic.[split]

What’s the secret sauce? We don’t want to give away all our engineering secrets, but the bulk of our power comes from using oversized ball bearings, and machining our pistons from 12L14 steel. Using this steel alloy allows us to heat treat the pistons which also hardens the bearing ramp races to resist pitting for a lifetime of silky smooth lever pull. Using flat needle roller thrust bearings instead of a plastic thrust washers doesn’t hurt either.

These brakes are perfect for long mileage deep wilderness bike touring where field serviceability with nothing but a good multitool is crucial to getting back to civilization alive. They’re also great on cyclocross race bikes where tool free independent pad adjustment and a simple cable barrel adjuster means you can fine-tune brake feel specific to course and conditions. We constantly see them on custom built steel hardtails and gravel grinder shred sleds where a rider wants the proven quality of as many American made components as possible.

As with our I.S. Mount Klamper, the new Flat-Mount version features interchangeable actuator arms. Since most flat-mount bikes utilize drop bars, these are currently only available in Short-Pull and Campagnolo Pull. If you are using a flat or riser bar on your flat-mount bike, we do make some very nice short-pull brake levers. Please note that the Flat-Mount and I.S. Actuator arms are not interchangeable, the arms are specific to the bodies.

Short Pull: This version is designed to work with road levers, including SRAM, Shimano and combined shifter/brake levers. It also works great with the Canti Lever, our short-pull flat bar brake lever.

Campagnolo: Campy uses a super-short cable pull, so this Klamper uses a super short Campy-only actuator arm.

Compatibility: All Flat-Mount Bicycles
Material: 6061 Aluminum, Heat Treated 12L14 Steel
Finish: Anodized or High Polish
Anodized Color: Black, Purple or Silver
Cable Pull: Short Pull (Shimano/SRAM), Campagnolo
Brake Pads: Kool Stop Avid Elixer SRAM MTB XX Sintered Metal Compound #KS-D296S

Mfr Claimed Weight
211g (each)

Note: Klampers are sold as a single caliper only.