PAUL Barbarian T-Shirt

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We’re honored to finally have a T-shirt drawn by legendary Chico graphic designer Matt Loomis. Yeah, there’s three moons and two dragons, and if you look closely it says “CHICO” in blood. Epic!

Matt Loomis is a total legend around here. He illustrates everything from our beautiful local Chico landscape to epic metal album covers. He can be found spinning deep cuts with his DJ crew 24/7 DJ Services and is the best kind of music nerd.

It’s an absolute honor to have a shirt drawn by him, and sneaking the word “Chico” into the blood dripping from the axe was really the icing on the cake!

Made in the USA. Please double check your measurements before ordering, we are unable to accept returns on this item.

Material: 100% Cotton
Manufacturer: American Apparel

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